XL Concrete supplies the quality products you need to build, construct and renovate.




Premix Concrete

XL can produce concrete of the required strength specified or set by Australian Standards. Concrete strength ranges between 15- 100 mpa are available in a wide range of special grades that are supplied for architectural, decorative, structural or durability requirements. XL is able to satisfy a wide range of concrete requirements needed by the construction industry as well as the need for special delivery or placement imposed by pumping equipment .


Precast Panels

The fastest construction method for walls in industrial & commercial building. XL Provides concrete of high early strength for rapid de-moulding of cast panels as well as a range of cements & aggregates that provide a choice of colour tinting & surface texture.


Lightweight Concrete

For special structural requirement where dead loading is required to be reduced, light weight concrete with natural or manufactured light aggregates can reduce the unit weight of concrete from 10% - 60%.


Decorative Concrete

Architectural concrete or product required to meet special aesthetic requirements such as oxide colour, white or off-white cement as well as special aggregates that are revealed in the finishing process either by washing, sand blasting or polishing are available on request.


Special Grade Concrete

Special grade concrete requiring high durability, limitation of drying shrinkage, Fibre re-inforcing with steel or glass fibres is readily available. Special materials such as silica fume, ground blast furnace slag & a range of superplasticising chemical admixtures are utilised to meet exacting performance criteria. Dry pack concrete for extrusion machines, sprayed concrete for swimming pools or embankment stabilisation as well as no fines filter concrete & stabilised sands can all be provided with the complete broad range of concrete types delivered by XL.